Thank you for participating in the Body Fit Challenge (“Challenge”), a fundraising initiative of Wildlife Conservation International (WCI) which is a registered charity in Australia (ABN  92 607 879 345), Canada (799635537 RR 0001), Europe/Netherlands (RSIN 862663313) and the United States EIN 84-1899559). 

From 1 March to 31 March, participants will complete a set number of daily exercise repetitions according to their ability - beginner, intermediate or advanced, while raising funds to support orangutan conservation. 

By registering as a participant in the Challenge, you agree to accept and comply with the following terms and conditions.


  1. I am at least eighteen (18) years old, or if under the age of 18, I have the explicit consent of my parents or guardian to participate in the Challenge.
  2. My decision to participate in the Challenge is entirely voluntary and my own. I understand I am free to withdraw from the Challenge at any time if I do not wish to proceed.
  3. I understand and acknowledge that I take full responsibility for my participation in the Challenge. I agree to carefully consider the risks of my participation in the Challenge prior to participating, including but not limited to the risk of harm associated with physical exertion. I warrant that I am physically fit enough to participate safely in the Challenge and I understand it is my sole responsibility to consult with a doctor before participating in the Challenge to discuss any conditions that may impede my ability to participate safely in the Challenge. Regardless of whether I have consulted with a doctor, I am aware of the risks participating and voluntarily assume and accept those risks.
  4. In consideration of, and as a condition of my participation in the event for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, I;
    1. waive, release and discharge WCI (including its Directors, staff, agents and independent contractors, volunteers and sponsors) (“the Indemnified Parties”), from all and any liability including all claims or causes of action which I might otherwise have (including for negligence) arising from any injury, loss, or damage of whatever kind suffered or sustained by me arising directly or indirectly out of my participation in the Challenge; and
    2. indemnify the Indemnified Parties against any claim, action, liability, loss, damage, cost or expense that the Indemnified Parties incur or are liable for as a result in my participation in the Challenge; and
    3. agree not to bring any claim against WCI for loss or damages, regardless of whether negligence can be demonstrated.
  5. I acknowledge that WCI will not insure me in relation to any aspect of the Challenge and I agree that I am responsible for all necessary insurance to cover my participation in the Challenge.


  1. I acknowledge that by registering to participate in the Challenge, I pledge to raise funds for WCI (trading as The Orangutan Project).
  2. As part of my registration for the Challenge, I will set up a fundraising profile (“my Profile”) on http://www.bodyfitchallenge.org (“Challenge Website”) and promote my Profile to seek donations from the public for the Challenge. I acknowledge that all donations made via my Profile on the Challenge Website are donations to WCI and are remitted directly to WCI.
  3. I understand that all fundraising for the Challenge is authorised under WCI’s authority to fundraise in the relevant country. I agree to be bound by the fundraising legislation relevant to the State or Territory in which I am fundraising.



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When you register for the Body Fit Challenge a unique fundraising page will be created for you. This may include your name in the URL. This website URL and any content you choose to upload will be publicly accessible to third-party services, including search engines, and other tools used by WCI. Personal contact details and financial details will not be publicly visible in such ways.


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WCI may allow third parties to use its logos in limited circumstances. You must obtain written permission before using any of our logos. In order for us to consider any such request, you will be required to provide WCI with a copy of your intended promotional material before releasing it to the public.


You agree that any content you post to the Challenge Website (for example photos and videos) (“Content”) is :

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If you share, post or upload photos or videos (“Images”) to the Challenge Website, or social media channels associated with the event, or tag or link The Orangutan Project in such content on social media, you consent to the following:

  1. WCI has permission to use, distribute, modify, display and create derivative works from the Images in promotional collateral and on WCI website, social media sites, publications, and on any other medium now or in the future in perpetuity. You waive any right to review or approve any uses of the Images.
  2. Where you, or any of the subjects appearing in the Images, are identified or identifiable in the images, you give WCI permission to identify you and the other subjects by name.
  3. You are not entitled to any remuneration or compensation from WCI for the Images.

You confirm that:

  1. You are the creator and copyright owner of any Images you share, post or upload to the Challenge Website or any other website or social media sites associated with the Challenge, or tag WCI or the Challenge in on social media; and
  2. You have the permission or consent of all persons who are captured and identifiable in the Images you provide to WCI (including parental consent if the subject is under the age of 18).

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  3. suspend your access to this website and WCI services without notice if you fail to comply with these terms of use.


A private Body Fit Challenge Facebook Group (the “Facebook Group”) has been established to provide news and updates, information and facilitate discussion between registered participants.

The page will generally be monitored from Monday-Friday between 9am and 5pm, excluding public holidays.

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