How it Works

Improve your fitness and upper body strength with the Body Fit Challenge

Orangutans are known for their incredible upper body strength. In fact, did you know that orangutans are seven times stronger than humans?! Their strong arm muscles enable them to swing from tree to tree and, along with their shoulders, support the weight of their body.

For humans, maintaining body strength and overall general fitness can greatly enhance our quality of life and improve our ability to do everyday activities.

Participating in the Body Fit Challenge is a great way to kickstart your exercise routine, set yourself personal fitness goals, and establish sustainable habits all while raising funds for orangutan conservation

The Challenge

During March, challenge yourself by completing a set number of daily reps consisting of pull-ups, push-ups and sit-ups.

Choose from three levels depending on your ability - beginner (60 reps per day), intermediate (120 reps) and advanced (240 reps). Download the Body Fit Challenge infographic to remind you as to how many reps you'll need to complete as part of the challenge.

Our How to Guides provide a variety of different techniques to keep your workout interesting. Challenge yourself further by trying some of the more advanced variations, or if you're in need of a rest, opt for some of the easier ones.

You can complete your exercises anywhere you want - home, park or gym - all the while aiming to meet your daily target.

We recommend that you spread your reps out over the day to make it easier for you to manage.

We have also factored in four rest days. Take more if needed.

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The Exercises


Pull-ups are a low-impact exercise that help improve your grip and upper body strength. Pull-ups are known as a compound exercise as they work multiple muscles at the same time including your biceps, triceps, forearms, wrists, lats, shoulders, and your core.

Our How to Guide includes some easy variations you can do at home with just a towel, resistance band and even your kitchen table!


Improving your core strength is one of the biggest benefits of doing sit-ups, which work your abdominal muscles as well as your hip flexors, chest and neck.  Strengthening your core reduces risk of back pain and injury and enables ease of movement in your daily routine and during athletic activities. 

Our How to Guide provides tips for doing sit-ups correctly with different variations to keep your workout interesting.


Push-ups are one of only a few exercises that activate every major muscle of your body including your biceps, abs, triceps, anterior deltoids and lower muscle groups. By simultaneously engaging these muscles, you’ll boost your cardio health and improve your posture and upper body strength.

Our How to Guide includes a number of different ways you can execute a push-up depending on your ability.

Logging Your Repetitions

As you complete your daily repetitions, enter them into your Body Fit Challenge dashboard to keep track of your progress and to let your supporters know how you're going. 

Your individual activity tracking will be added to other participants so we can record the total number of repetitions undertaken through the Challenge.

We've also included a handy Workout Tracker that you can print off to record your repetitions manually and then enter them into your Body Fit Challenge dashboard at a later time.


When you register for the Body Fit Challenge you’ll automatically be set up with a fundraising page that includes your own unique page URL. 

You can personalise your fundraising page by uploading a profile pic, setting your overall monthly repetition goal, setting your fundraising target and including a personal message as to why you’re taking part in the challenge.

Once you’ve set up your fundraising page you can then share it with your family and friends via social media or email and ask them to sponsor you. All the monies you raise will go directly to The Orangutan Project to support orangutan conservation projects.

Watch your Body Fit Challenge dashboard light up with achievement badges as you complete certain fundraising milestones along the way. Share them to your socials to let your friends know how awesome you are and to inspire more to help you reach your target.

Ready to take the Challenge?

Joining is easy. Just follow the steps below.


Sign-up as an individual or team with your friends, colleagues or gym buddies to help keep you going and stay motivated.


Select your Challenge level and set your overall monthly rep target in your Body Fit Challenge dashboard.


Share your fundraising page with family and friends via email and social media and help raise funds for orangutan conservation.


Use our Workout Tracker to track your reps and update your Body Fit Challenge dashboard to show your sponsors.

Get body fit this March and help save Critically Endangered orangutans