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Welcome to the Body Fit Challenge

The Challenge

The Body Fit Challenge is a fitness and fundraising challenge in support of The Orangutan Project.

During March, challenge yourself by completing a set number of daily reps made up of pull-ups, push-ups and sit-ups.

Choose from three levels depending on your ability - beginner, intermediate and advanced.

You can complete your exercises anywhere you want, all the while, aiming to meet your daily target. You can also spread your reps out over the day.

By joining the challenge you'll not only be improving your overall strength and fitness, you'll also be taking meaningful action to protect and conserve Critically Endangered orangutans.

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A low-impact exercise that helps to improve your grip strength, upper body strength and posture.


Great for strengthening and toning your abdominal core muscles to support your lower back.


One of only a few exercises that work every major muscle in your body. They help to strengthen your lower back and engage your core.

Why take the Challenge

Orangutans are one of our closest living relatives sharing 97% of our DNA. They are extremely intelligent, sentient persons that sadly are under grave threat. 

Existing only on the Southeast Asian islands of Sumatra and Borneo, all three species of the orangutan are listed as Critically Endangered. Ongoing habitat loss, poaching and the impacts of climate change has brought the orangutan to the brink of extinction.

Unless we take drastic action now, extinction in the wild is likely in the next 10 years for Sumatran orangutans and soon after for Bornean orangutans. 

By participating in the Body Fit Challenge you’ll be helping to raise critical funds to support orangutan conservation efforts including securing, restoring and patrolling habitat; rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing orphaned and injured orangutans; and educating and empowering local indigenous communities in conservation initiatives. 

It’s part of our holistic approach to orangutan conservation that aims to increase the number of wild orangutans under The Orangutan Project’s permanent protection to 8,000, to ensure sufficient numbers of each orangutan species survive indefinitely.  

Meet our Ambassador Olivia Vivian

International Ninja Warrior and former Australian Olympic gymnast Olivia Vivian is our inaugural Body Fit Challenge Ambassador.

A self-confessed 'monkey in a human body', and a redhead to boot, Olivia is using her profile to encourage others to take up the challenge and do something positive for themselves and for Critically Endangered orangutans.

"I'm honoured to have been asked by The Orangutan Project to get involved with the Body Fit Challenge. Orangutans are known for their upper body strength, so obviously there's a real synergy with what I do as a gymnast and as a Ninja Warrior."





Ready to take the Challenge?

Joining is easy. Just follow the steps below.


Sign-up as an individual or team with your friends, colleagues or gym buddies to help keep you going and stay motivated.


Select your Challenge level and set your overall monthly rep target in your Body Fit Challenge dashboard.


Share your fundraising page with family and friends via email and social media and help raise funds for orangutan conservation.


Use our Workout Tracker to track your reps and update your Body Fit Challenge dashboard to show your sponsors.